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Living with the Boyfriend

Living with my boyfriend was an amazing idea and I was so happy I did it. Yes, granted I didn’t have much choice he lived closer to my job than I did so it seemed like a logical thing to do. But it was an amazing experience. The first week after I moved it was the most loved up to put it into context. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other or holding hands or cuddling when watching TV. None of that has changed even now, we are still the same when we see each other on the weekends when I’m home from UNI. Now we don’t argue, not like some couples do, we can’t sit there and shout at each other. I can’t shout at that face of his, it is just too cute. We do the awkward thing of the silent treatment and I don’t know why but it works for us. It allows us time to think and have a little time to ourselves even if we are lying in the bed together. And then one of us will cuddle up to the other and we will talk it out. I don’t know if that will change over the years of us being together or if…

Valentine’s day 2016

Valentine’s day 2016

Now I know most of you are going to look at eh date and either thing I’m weird or I have gone mad. But I want to write up what happened last valentine’s day so I don’t forget it when it comes to this one.  
February 13th 2016. We got into his dad’s car and started on our journey. I can’t remember where we were going only that it wasn’t the direction we were travelling in. we chatted in the car while his dad drove and then his dad slipped out with ‘It’s definitely Darby isn’t it’. Well that gave away where we were going but not what we were going to be doing there. So, all he said was ‘I’m taking you shopping first’. When we pulled in into Darby and took our bags out the boot I was so confused. I packed a bag to stay overnight somewhere anyway. So, after we said goodbye to his dad we walked towards the town. He then walked into a hotel and went to check in. I was so surprised I has no idea what to do. I just stood there. We weren’t allowed to check in for another t…

The Job Life

Trying to find a job? I know this experience all too well and I know it’s hard. I have been searching for a job since the age of 16, as soon as I could I was looking. I have been to several interviews and have had practically no look. I got accepted for one, to be a waitress, and I loved it. I did all the training and attended everything I had to on time, looking my best. I did some experience in an actual restaurant setting and might I say it was the best work that I have ever done. Something about helping make other people’s night enjoyable was amazing for me. But as soon as it came to moving into the restaurant I was supposed to be moving to (it was still being built, how exciting). I got fired. For a silly reason, really. I didn’t receive an e-mail.  I had to pick up a security pass and I didn’t receive the email that had the timings on it. Now for someone who hates talking on the phone, I called my manager up straight away when I found out the timing from a colleague. I asked to…