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Merry Christmas

Blogmas Day 25
Hey guys,
May your day be filled with love and joy and happiness.
May your bellies be full of delicious food.
May the smiles never leave your faces and you can make all your families and friends happy.
May you have a day that you deserve.
May it be merry and bright.
May you get all you wanted and needed and you cherish every little thing.
May you appreciate everything that has made the day special. May the day drag so you can celebrate for hours.
May your day be filled with Pure happiness.
Wishing you all the love and happiness today and through the festive period.
Merry Christmas from the both of us!!

Love you all!!
Thank you x


Blogmas Day 24:
Hey Guys,
My family have certain traditions that I cannot help but adore at the festive time of year. We always decorate the tree and house together, and place a special bauble for my granddad. We will never forget him.
We always must wait until half of December has passed before we can open the tins of chocolates.

We always spend Christmas eve together watching a movie or TV with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and biscuits. Just being together and talking through our excitement is amazing.
We must wait Christmas morning for everyone to drink a cup of tea before we can open our presents.

We always sit around the table for Christmas dinner and pull the crackers and laugh at the silly jokes and wear the hats that are always too big for all of us.
But this year is going to be different. This year I am living with my boyfriend and some traditions are going to change. This year my boyfriend wants to have Christmas dinner together at his. So, I’m going to have to change …

Christmas Make-up Look

Blogmas Day 23:
Hello everyone,
I am going to write this for those people who do something on Christmas day other than sitting in their pyjamas and eating food and drinking everything and watching movies all day. Because if that is how you want to spend your day then go for it and enjoy it. But if like me you must travel and leave the house and you want to look decent then this is a look for you. It’s not over the top, or out there because it’s only for travelling but it is a look that has festive colours and looks simple and pretty.

I have used my trusty Clinique foundation to make sure I look awake all day and Rimmel London concealer. On my eyes, I have used my Make Up Obsession Palette and the Colours Rare and Lucky Charm to create this look. And the rest is just the norm. A little bit of Hoola Bronzer to shape my face and some highlight to add some shimmer. Mascara to tie everything together and that's it. 

What do you think? How are you going to do your makeup?

Thank you …

New year’s letter

Blogmas Day 22: Hey Guys,
I saw someone suggest this idea whilst on Pinterest, and I thought it was brilliant. It’s kind of like doing a letter to your past self only not past but future. Writing a letter all about what you want to achieve in the year ahead. Things you need to let go off, things you need to try out, things you want to feel and doing more of what you love.

So, this is a letter to myself for the future. Happy New Year to you!!
For this year I want you to stop worrying, focus on what is good and don’t spend any more time than necessary on anything. Stick to the rule: 5 on 5- if you are not going to be thinking about it in 5 years, then don’t spend more than 5 minutes on it now.
Start saving- think about the future you could have when you finally use your savings.
Work hard!! Try and get in as many hours as you can to ensure you don’t worry.
Try and go on holiday. Use some of those savings, your young and need to spend at least one holiday abroad with your boyfriend …


Blogmas Day 21

So guys! Ant decided that we needed to do our stockings early because there was something inside of mine that I needed to have before Christmas Day. That little gift was a box of candy canes.
And I am so happy I got them early I love candy canes so much and now I have enough to get me through the festive period.

Inside Ant's Stocking, I put a mouse mat because he really needed one. A Terry's Chocolate Orange because you can't have a stocking without an orange. I also put a big bag of Cadbury's Snow Bites because he loves them, a 6 pack of Ribena because he is addicted to it. And lastly, a Key finder because he is forever losing his keys. He has really loved everything in his stocking and I can't wait to see his face when he opens his presents now.  I hope he will love every single thing that he gets.

For my Stocking as I have already said I got some Candy canes. Ant also got me some Reeses Peanut Butter Trees, because I love them so much.  He got me a …

Christmas Decorations (Inside)

Blogmas Day 20:
For Ant’s mom’s house, she likes to really decorate her house, more than I have ever seen anyone does it. The first time I came to her house and last Christmas, she had two Christmas trees. I didn’t know what is going to happen this year as we have our little princess walking around the place like she owns it. But the decorations are still amazing.
Every year she puts up this little town of houses and that light up and looks like there are mini people living there. I have never seen that before, so I was amazed when I first saw it. She has a 7ft tree that touches the ceiling and spreads out over a wide space that is amazingly decorated every year. Last year Ant and I put our first bauble on together as it was our first Christmas together. It’s this little Penguin. The whole house is always full of such a Christmas spirit from the minute all the decorations go up. But all her decorations look fabulous this year and every year. I’m excited to see next years already.


D.I.Y Wrapping Paper

Blogmas Day 19:
Wrapping presents is so much fun when you have simple shapes like boxes, it gets complicated when you have teddy bears or tins. But no matter what I always find a way, even if it means having Sellotape covering the whole gift at least it is wrapped.
I am going to show you how I wrap some presents with wrapping paper I have designed myself. I normally do these for smaller presents and trying to wrap a something huge in wrapping paper you have designed yourself makes it difficult because you need a lot of paper. I like to use plain paper like the brown paper or anything without a print. And then use paint and sharpies to decorate them. I like to draw hollies and snowflakes for smaller designs for small presents. But for those larger presents when I need a large print I use stamps or shapes cut out of potatoes to print them onto the paper.
I have only done three with my own designs this year because I decided that was enough as Ant only has 5 presents from me. I didn'…

Magical Lantern Festival Birmingham

Blogmas Day 18

Hey guys,

So I and Ant went to the Magical Lantern Festival with his family. It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed it but it was cold. The statues were made of wire and mesh with lights inside and some of them were spectacular. The artists who created them were extremely clever and put together a wonderful display for everyone.

Gingerbread Shaped Cookies

Blogmas Day 18:
Hi everyone,
This post was supposed to be something I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for my non-gingerbread loving boyfriend. But I tried, and I failed miserably. I was supposed to write about Gingerbread shaped brownies, but brownies are not as easy to cut into shapes, especially when you do something wrong and it rises to the size of a cake. But I tried, and even in my failure came something good because I still had a whole brownie cake to eat so that was a positive. Because of this failure, I thought it would be a lot easier to make cookies instead. So here we have gingerbread shaped cookies. So my boyfriend can join me in eating ‘gingerbread men’. I have even decorated them to look like gingerbread men 😊
This took me two efforts to make these because the first time I made the cookies, everybody in the house ate them before I could decorate them. So, I had to make them again and decorate them as soon as I could. I really like how they ended up a…

Christmas Decorations (Outside)

Blogmas Day 17:

Hi everyone,

The decorations have been up since the 28th of November outside and they are shining bright and impressing everyone. The outside decorations took a while for the boys to put up and they had to install an outside plug socket for them to work. So it took a lot but it was worth it, the lights are beautiful. There are two different Santa lights, one with him climbing the wall on some ladders and another with him skiing down a slope, although the lights have broken on that one and he is stationary haha. We definitely need to buy some new ones ready for next year.

There is a Christmas tree on the wall that flashes between two different sizes of a tree and I think that is my favourite. There is also a flashing star right next to the door and it looks fabulous. There is also the string lights outlining the roof of the house and altogether they look amazing. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

I'd love to see how your house is decorated, inside and out…

Christmas Decorations

Blogmas Day 16:
Is there anything better than decorating your house to celebrate Christmas, covering it in lights and decorations. Decorating the tree in different colours with tinsel and baubles. Well, I get to do it this year with three different houses. My moms, Ants moms and Ants sisters house. I am so looking forward to helping to decorate three different houses. I know that all three will be decorated differently but all keep the love of Christmas in them. I am going to be writing about all  three of them 😊
The first one is Ants sister. She has a beautiful home and helping her to decorate was amazing and fun.

What’s your favourite thing about her decorations?

Thank you for Reading x