Living with the Boyfriend

Living with my boyfriend was an amazing idea and I was so happy I did it. Yes, granted I didn’t have much choice he lived closer to my job than I did so it seemed like a logical thing to do. But it was an amazing experience.
The first week after I moved it was the most loved up to put it into context. We couldn’t stop smiling at each other or holding hands or cuddling when watching TV. None of that has changed even now, we are still the same when we see each other on the weekends when I’m home from UNI.
Now we don’t argue, not like some couples do, we can’t sit there and shout at each other. I can’t shout at that face of his, it is just too cute. We do the awkward thing of the silent treatment and I don’t know why but it works for us. It allows us time to think and have a little time to ourselves even if we are lying in the bed together. And then one of us will cuddle up to the other and we will talk it out. I don’t know if that will change over the years of us being together or if it will stay the same (I hope it does) but we seem to be able to get through anything.
Living with him and his family made US, seem even more real. I felt like this is what our future could be like. One of us would come home from work first and be waiting for the other.  While I was living with him he took his driving test and passed!! So, if he was home first he would come and pick me up from work so I didn’t have to walk.

One day after work, I was about to walk home and I was on the phone to him, he said he was just pulling up outside his house and that he would see me soon. I was walking along on the pavement and I saw someone on a bike with a pair of shoes that he had. I thought to myself ‘that’s a nice outfit, I’ll see if I can get my boyfriend to wear something similar’.  Now this guy was standing with a bike with his back towards me. So, I carried on walking past and then he laughed.  He knew I hadn’t recognized him, but I did recognize the laugh so I turned around it was him. (If you hadn’t already guessed that). Honestly, I was so excited that he was there it made me so happy. I hugged him jumped on the bike and rode home with him walking by my side. He did that two more times before he passed his test, then I came out looking for his bug!
But when you live with someone, the excitement never dies down if you truly love them. Yes, it may dwindle sometime when they are annoying you but it never goes. And I can’t wait until I can live with him permanently.

But it is the little things that matter, coming downstairs I the morning and having your sandwiches ready for you to take with you. Or coming home at night and having dinner prepared.  Even the tiniest of things made me happy. When he made sure was water bottle was filled up and in the fridge so I had a cold drink ready for the next day. Him running a bath so I could relax after a long day. Some of things that we do for each other don’t get appreciated all the time. But when they do they make a huge difference in your feelings.

So, living with him and all the cute little things he did was some of the best months that we have spent together. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


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