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Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation

Hey guys,

I have recently been given the opportunity to try the Clinique Foundation. There was a stand open in Birmingham Bull Ring to get the foundation matched perfectly to my face and the lovely woman there got it perfect. I am number 10 (Alabaster) in the Even Better Glow foundation. I was given a little tester pot that held 10 days worth of foundation and I have been using as and when I needed it. I don't wear foundation every day as some days I don't really need it. Not that I have great problem free skin but I like to just use concealer when I am having a good skin day to cover up anything that needs it.

This foundation is light to moderate coverage but it matches perfectly to my skin colour so it looks like perfect flawless skin. It is great for covering my blemishes and dark circles but I always add the extra layer of concealer for extra coverage. This foundation is long lasting and stays put on my face all day without the need for touch-ups or powder.

This foundation…

Winter Wins

Hi Everyone,

As much as I love Autumn and the transition between the warm to the windy. There's nothing I love more than the winter. I love the cold just as much as I hate it. But I love wrapping up warm and getting toasty, I love the fact that cuddling is so much easier because you don't get too hot. I love that everywhere is getting into the festive spirit and you can see something to do with Christmas everywhere now, now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are gone.

This post is called Winter Wins because, in my opinion, it does win. Everything that comes with winter just makes it perfect. With Winter comes Christmas maybe the most important thing ever. Along with Christmas comes Santa and Grotto's, I cannot wait to see my niece's face when she sees him for the first time. It is going to be magical for her.

Winter wins because of the possibility of snow every year. Last year we didn't have much compared to when I was a child but I hope for it every year and if the…

November Birchbox

Hi guys,

This month's Birchbox was specially put together by the people of Vogue and honestly I think this is my favourite box yet. 4 out of 5 ain't bad. I love everything except the James Read face fake tan, and that is only because I don't fake tan. If I did I'm sure I would have loved everything.

Birchbox Brush Cleaner
I love the fact that everyone got one of these. Cleaning brushes is a chore on it's own and I can't afford to buy the fancy boards and all other sorts of brush cleaners to help out. So, I normally use baby shampoo and my fingers. But now that I have this I know cleaning my brushes out is going to be a lot less times saving and a lot more fun.

James Read Overnight Tan Sleep Mask
Now as I said I don't fake tan and I don't know anyone who does. So this product will go in the draw of products that I will never use. But if I did fake tan, I think this would be a huge help as it would allow my face to look the same colour as the rest of me w…

Favourite Face Masks

Hey guys,

Recently I have been having a few issues when it comes to my skin and has not been able to find anything that helps them other than face masks.
I have been loving the 7th Heaven Charcoal Peel Off Mask. This mask transforms my skin when I use it. It removes the layer of dirt and oil on my skin that a cleanser alone cannot remove. It is hilarious to look at when it is on but it is so fun when it comes to peeling it off.

I have also enjoyed using the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask, this mask made my skin glow once I had to wash it off. The redness I had to my skin had gone and my skin felt so smooth afterwards.

I also like the sheet masks you can get from boots, they are quick and easy to use and they have loads of different ingredients in the different masks that all do different but great things to your skin.

I have a few more facemasks in my drawer and I always like to use new ones and try different ones out. Once I try another one I will either post about it on Instagram and…

Ant's Birthday Cake

Mmmmm, How delicious does that cake look? Trust me it does taste delicious too.


This is my Boyfriend's birthday cake, it took me about 4 hours to make and decorate. But it was worth it because he loved it and so did everyone else.
I definitely cheated when it came to making this cake. I wanted to make him a cake I knew he was going to love. He loves chocolate fudge cake, so I thought this is similar so I'll give it a try. This cake is a Betty Crocker Devil's Food cake mix. It can be bought from any super market and only requires 3 ingredients to make the cake.

To make Ant's cake I wanted four layers so I bought two boxes of cake mix and followed the instructions on the box to make them. I them cut the cakes in half and waited for them to completely cool. My future sister-in-law makes the best buttercream icing I have ever tasted in my life so I asked for a helping hand on that. She mixed icing sugar and butter together with a splash of milk to create the icing fro…

Home Made Nutella Hot Chocolate

Hello Everyone,

Now that it is cold again my favourite Hot Chocolate has got to come out again. It is such a simple but delicious Hot chocolate that you can't help but love it.

There are two ways to make it and many of way to add extras to give it more flavour.
I heat up a cup of milk either in a saucepan or in a microwave add a spoon of sugar. To that, I add a teaspoon full of Nutella and wait for it to melt in the milk. Sometimes I drink it like that but if I want to thicken it a little I add a spoon or two of coco powder to make it taste more chocolatey.

Sometimes I add squirty cream on the top and cocoa powder to make it look pretty. Last year I paired it with a mini candy cane to make it minty. I'm sure you could add flavourings like caramel or mint or even hazelnut to make it more to your liking. Or if you couldn't use Nutella, milk chocolate spread would also make a beautiful hot chocolate.

What is your favourite hot chocolate?

Thank you x

Bonfire Night

Hi everyone,

As I have probably said before Bonfire Night has got to be one of my favourites. A few years ago it used to be celebrated with my family. My cousins used to do all the fireworks stuff while everyone else sat and watched, they were mental when it came to fireworks and fires. They always knew how to keep the fire going and the perfect angle to point the fireworks at so you could see them clearly. They were amazing.
Last year was my first Bonfire Night with Ant and his family. It is not as mental here as it is with my family, which makes me feel safer but just as awesome. The fireworks we got were incredible and are always so pretty and loud. This year I am with Ant and his family again, but it is a 1st bonfire night for our little niece. We are going to be buying some ground fireworks for her like the frogs, and fountains and Catherine Wheels, so she can experience it herself and see how awesome it is. She will be having hot dogs and roasted marshmallows, and I just can…

Boyfriend's Birthday

Hi guys,

On Wednesday the 18th of October my gorgeous boyfriend turned 24.

Unfortunately, he worked on his birthday so I couldn't treat him much as he wasn't available for most of the day, so we did celebrate it in the weekend.

But on his birthday he went to work early in the morning and I didn't see him until 2 in the afternoon. While he was away I spent the whole morning baking him a 4 layered Devils food cake, with Buttercream icing. I'll probably make another post all about how I made it and decorated it. When he came back from work, he sat and opened all his cards from his friends and family and he got three of these little cards that you put in a wallet with messages written on them and he loved them. He also pouted when he read what I wrote in the card and it was the sweetest thing to look at.

Then he opened his presents he loved everything he got. He got mainly clothes because that was what he needed the most. He got three shirts, two pairs of jeans and a pair…