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Trying to find a job?
I know this experience all too well and I know it’s hard. I have been searching for a job since the age of 16, as soon as I could I was looking. I have been to several interviews and have had practically no look.
I got accepted for one, to be a waitress, and I loved it. I did all the training and attended everything I had to on time, looking my best. I did some experience in an actual restaurant setting and might I say it was the best work that I have ever done. Something about helping make other people’s night enjoyable was amazing for me. But as soon as it came to moving into the restaurant I was supposed to be moving to (it was still being built, how exciting). I got fired. For a silly reason, really. I didn’t receive an e-mail.  I had to pick up a security pass and I didn’t receive the email that had the timings on it. Now for someone who hates talking on the phone, I called my manager up straight away when I found out the timing from a colleague. I asked to re-arrange it and I would be there, but the only times he could make were while I was in Sixth form. And I wasn’t going to miss school for it, my education was important. So, I emailed and emailed and emailed trying to find a new time to be able to pick up my pass and I didn’t get a reply. So, I went to the restaurant he was working at and talked to him. He told me I was an inconvenience and he didn’t need to hassle so I had to be let go.
I cried. I’m not going to lie to you. It broke my heart. I finally got my first job after 2 years of looking might I add. And I got fired for something that was out of my hands. I didn’t receive that email at all. So, it wasn’t my fault, but he was the manager and I couldn’t go against him.  
So, for another two years, I sat and looked for a job. I have applied to so many I have honestly lost count. I have applied to do anything, waitress, cleaner, steward, bar staff and more. I have applied to do it all. But I guess it is just me I am not job worthy.

In June 2016, I finally got a break. I applied to work out of Birmingham just to see what would happen. I went to the interview and tried my hardest to get this job. When the phone rang and I answered it to the head of recruitment I think I actually screamed a little.  Scared both my mum and the woman on the phone. I got the job, I was rides host at a theme park. Within the space of two weeks, I moved in with my boyfriend and started work. I had an induction and training and I love it. I’m hoping to go back again this year.
I have looked for another job from the time the season ended up until the morning of me writing this but I just have no luck.
I would try and offer some words of advice and I really hope this could have been a good blog post on tips for getting a job. But I just suck at it and that’s all I can say. I wish you all the look in your job searches I really do and I hope you are enjoying work if you are already working.

What is your dream job? Mine is a dance teacher, I  really hope I have more look when it comes to finding a job in that than I have in my life so far. 


  1. My first job was working at a Dvd store and I didn't enjoy it at all. I thought I would have because I love movies, but turns out not. I think at the time I wasn't ready to work because I was majorly nervous and uncomfortable with myself in it. My job I enjoy doing is promotional work/sales work. I really enjoy being the person approaching customers, building relationships with them, telling them about certain products and making the sale :) I feel more confident in that and it shows. The customers would tell me I make a natural sales lady, so that always put a huge goofy smile on my face :P

    1. I'm glad you have found a job that makes you happy and confident.. I hope you keep that goofy smile forever ☺️


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