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21st Birthday Presents

Hi Guys, 
I am so lucky!!

I am so grateful for everything that's been done for me for my birthday, beyond lucky for everything that has been brought for me. I can't believe I have had such an amazing day.
This is what I got for my birthday:  From my mom, I got these three Me to You bears all with 21 on them. I love them all but I'd have to say that the snow globe is my favourite, I have never owned a snow globe and it is the prettiest thing ever. 

The Next Present is the most unique present I have ever received. My mom and my Stepdad got together to hand make this beautiful box, it has the date of my 21st on the top, so I will never forget the year it was. It has a wine glass inside that has been hand decorated with glitter. It also has a key with a real rose pearl on it straight from an oyster. It has got to be one of the most special gifts I have ever received. 

The last three include this keyring on the left filled with loads of different bits such as a birthday cake and …

21st Birthday- How I Got Ready

Hi, guys, it’s official since September 23rd, I am 21!!
For this birthday, I had no idea what was happening, my boyfriend and his family met up with my family and spoke in secret around me for over a month trying to make the day special for me. I can say now that it has been the best birthday I have ever had. But before the day I spent some time getting myself ready so I knew I looked photo ready. I did my nails, hair, really took care of my skin, changed my diet, and chose a special outfit. 
I did my nails like this because I wanted something different and special. I wanted them to be noticeable against my outfit as well as to match them. I used Rimmel London 60 second shine in 800 black out and Super gel by Kate in 012 Soul Session. For extra detailing, I also used Kiko Milano Smart fast dry nail lacquer in this beautiful copper colour.
I prepped my hair the week before with Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery, this made my hair feel amazing it completely got rid of all the rough…

Autumn Look Book

When it comes to Autumn all those in the U.K. will know that dressing appropriately is not easy. You need to style an outfit based on leaving the house in the North Pole and returning in the Bahamas. Our weather is beyond unpredictable, even the weather guy/girl on the TV can't get it right when we're in the transitional period.

So I am going to put a list together of some of the Autumnal outfits that inspire me and that I would love to wear.

Firstly, you can't go anywhere without a coat, my favourite at the moment is this Anorak from New Look. It's waterproof which is a bonus because you never know when it is going to rain or be sunny. But also the size of the pockets are perfect, it is big enough to hold a phone and a power bank if needed.

Next is Jumpers, you have to make sure you have a good jumper that makes a statement in your wardrobe, something that will make the outfit special as that's what going to be on the show the most. I have chosen three that I lik…

What do employers want?

I know this is not something that really goes with the theme of my blog but I need some answers if anyone has them.

I've been looking for jobs for the past month and applying for about 5 or 6 a day everyday, sometimes more, sometimes less; depending on what's available, who's hiring and what I know I am capable of doing. And I only have one interview. Some of the jobs have not got back to me at all,  sometimes they say to take that as a rejection. And others have emailed me to tell me I'm not suitable.

My only question is WHAT DO THEY WANT?

I know sometimes they want someone who has experience but how can we gain experience when people won't employ us in the first place..
I know I am probably no good because of my age and companies will have to pay out more because national minimum wage is more for me than for someone that is younger. But if that's the case then that is just wrong.

I just want to know some ways of making myself and maybe someone who is reading…

Life Goals

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wanted to just be able to do everything you wanted but you've felt sometimes there could be things holding you back. I know, there's a list of things I want to do and no matter what obstacles are in my way, I am going to try my very hardest to do them.

Some of the things on my list are very life driven and are forever things. And some are just objects but things that I want to work for and to get as a little reward for working so hard. 
So here it is:

Be happy/ Make my partner happy
Me and my boyfriend are very happy together and I wouldn't change anything for the world. I wish that we stay together and our relationship is as strong as it is now, in 50 years time.

Find a career I want to find a job in my life where I feel like I am doing something to help others, but I want a job where over time and with determination and hard work I can progress and gain more experience and climb the ladder. I want to become a team leader and a manager and be …