21st Birthday- How I Got Ready

Hi, guys, it’s official since September 23rd, I am 21!!

For this birthday, I had no idea what was happening, my boyfriend and his family met up with my family and spoke in secret around me for over a month trying to make the day special for me. I can say now that it has been the best birthday I have ever had. But before the day I spent some time getting myself ready so I knew I looked photo ready. I did my nails, hair, really took care of my skin, changed my diet, and chose a special outfit. 

I did my nails like this because I wanted something different and special. I wanted them to be noticeable against my outfit as well as to match them. I used Rimmel London 60 second shine in 800 black out and Super gel by Kate in 012 Soul Session. For extra detailing, I also used Kiko Milano Smart fast dry nail lacquer in this beautiful copper colour.

I prepped my hair the week before with Percy and Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery, this made my hair feel amazing it completely got rid of all the rough ends. Alongside a trim to get rid of all the split and damaged ends, this made such a difference to my hair. I used it once two days before my birthday and then the night before. I will be purchasing this in the future as it made such a difference. 
For my hair on the day, I had it styled by a hairdresser who is my future sister in law, and I used a leave-in conditioner that protects against so many different things. It is called Beauty protector.

For my face, I did my new night cleansing routine to help prepare my skin and it has helped the skin on my face a lot. I will do another post on my skin routine soon. But the night before my birthday I added in a face mask to help soothe my skin so it looked picture perfect. I used the 7th heaven Dead Sea Mud mask and I found it helped my skin so much, I have already bought another one.  For my lips, I used Dr Paw Paw’s Original Balm, to hydrate them and help them look plump and I can tell you this is the best lip balm I have ever used. I was suffering from dry cracked lips and my normal go-to balms were not working, when I received this, I was sceptical but I tried it and it was amazing. It was nourishing and hydrating, it cleared the dry skin and lasted on my lips for hours. I put it on a few hours before I went to bed and it was still on in the morning.

For the skin on the rest of my body, I just used Baby lotion every night after the shower and kept it smooth and hydrated. For the day, I just a product from This Works called Perfect legs skin miracle, it is a tinted Multi vitamin serum. I only had a small bottle so I used it on my arms and legs. The serum gave them a subtle shimmer and tanned glow. I liked it a lot and would consider buying it again if I had a big event where I wanted to look golden.

Everything I did helped me to look my best for my birthday and I’m happy I took the time to gain a new routine to help me for the day and the future. A lot of the products I have used are from Birchbox and the monthly subscription I get. A lot of the products are amazing and they are something you wouldn’t normally buy for yourself so they are just great when you get new products to try. If you want a post all about a Monthly box let me know.

When it came to my outfit I wanted something that was different from what I normally wear. And something to help me feel confident throughout the day and no worries about what I am wearing. So, I went with this black backless dress from Boohoo, it shows my figure off and helps me to look cute. I paired it these gorgeous shoes from New Look and a sparkly cardigan that was bought for me last year. My whole outfit is over a year old and is things that I have owned for a while so I can’t find them anywhere to link them.

I got this bag for my birthday so all my little bits I needed went into this and I love it. I wore these earrings, paired with these two bracelets one from Pandora and the other from Warren James.

So, this is what it took for me to get ready for the best day of my life so far. I'm going to another post on what presents I got and how the day went. Speak to you soon.

How old are you? What do you want to do for your next birthday? 
Thank you x


  1. Hi, I love your shoes what a great way to set an outfit of, you certainly sound like you prepped for your big 21. I hope you had an amazing time.

  2. I am 25 years old, going on 2016 (2018 though) and I am not really sure what I want. I still have more than six months to think about it ^^ xx corinne

    1. I hope you get what you really want 😁

  3. Your shoes. No scratch that, your whole outfit is on point. Happy belated birthday !

  4. I recognise a lot of those products as a fellow Birchbox subscriber 😊 The Percy and Reed wonder balm is amazing, isn't it? As is the protector. How lovely that you had a wonderful birthday and what a fab idea to get yourself camera ready beforehand. I wish I was that organised! So glad you had a great time. X

    Lisa | www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I’m happy I was organised because it meant less stress for me on the day :) The Percy and Reed wonder balm made my hair feel amazing x

  5. Happy belated birthday! My 21st is coming up in November too haha! I love your heels too! Everyone definitely deserves a good pamper before their birthday and it sounded like you had an amazing day!

    Jenny x


    1. Happy Birthday for next month!! I hope you can have a good pamper session before the day 😁


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