University student checklist

So you're off to university?

If this is your first year, then what I'm about to write I hope is really helpful to you. If this is your second or third years, I hope I help you to remember something you need to get or let you in on something you have been missing.
When moving to university I found it is a big transition to make, for me, I cried not going to lie. I had to move away from my normality, away from my boyfriend and my family. But I think it helped me grow as a person. I wouldn't be who I am without living on my own away from them all as soppy as it sounds.

So, this is a list of all the things I think are the important things and reasons as to why...
For the bedroom the most important thing is bedding, you want to take something that will make you comfortable and help you to relax at all the important times you spend not doing work :) But you want bedding that's cute and ideal for you so you're not too hot or cold. In my room the heating didn't get turned on until 5pm so if I spent the whole day in my room I was bundled up in bed under my blankets to keep me warm in the winter. So make sure you take something to keep you warm when it gets cold.  I got my bedding from George at Asda as I find the material is lovely and the prints are always amazing.
Next is some storage boxes, depending on where you stay and your budget for accommodation your room could be big or small. So I suggest you get stackable storage boxes to put some of your things in to help save space, especially if you have a small room. These Wilkos fold flat boxes are super affordable at £2 for a 32L box but they also collapse when not needed to take up less space.

Something I found important, that was both valuable to use as well as cute was fairy lights. They are lovely to put on at night so you're not having to use the big light and you can buy some cute ones. With my university I wasn't allowed to have plug in lights, so I brought battery operated ones and they are just amazing.

For the bathroom, I think what I had and what you'll need will all depend on again your room and whether or not you have an ensuite. And if you don't it'll depend on how your flatmates are. For the bathroom I had a cheap waterproof basket to carry everything from my room to the bathroom as there was no where in the bathroom to keep it. I found it so useful and didn't have to worry about anyone stealing my shampoo. Your own bath towel is probably obvious but can be easily forgotten! And obvious things as well like a sponge or scrunchie, soap or shower gel, and shampoo and conditioner.

For the kitchen it all depends on the type of cook you are. If you know you are going to be living off take always and pot noodles or beans, which is fine and a typical diet of a uni student apparently. Especially if you want to spend your money on something more valuable like good nights out then all you need is cutlery, a plate, a bowl, a cup and maybe one sauce pan. BUT if you are anything like me then I had everything I could possibly need and more. I had saucepans, frying pans, and even a wok. I had a pizza tray and a baking tray and oven dishes. I had mixing bowls and weighing scales and a measuring jug and measuring cup, just incase I wanted to bake anything.  I had six different untensils including a copper whisk and two different knife sets. I had all sorts and it was helpful but took up too much space, to be honest. I did learn to cook multiple things at once and loads of vegetables in the microwave to save me having to wash up as well.

To recap here is a bullet point list:
Cute bedding
Fairy lights
Storage boxes
Waterproof basket
Sauce pans
Frying pan
Baking tray
Knife set
Dish drainer
Favourite mug
Cleaning products
Plastic beakers

Planner/ diary
Pens- plain and multi-coloured
pencil case
Note books
Plastic wallets
Organising boxes
All to be kept in a lovely new bag!

I know it may seem like a lot but I honestly felt like there wasn't a day when something wasn't used.  I hope it could help you in any way because I wish I had something like this for me last year.

Comment if there is anything I might have missed, or if there was something on this list that is actually really helpful.

Thank you for reading


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