21st Birthday Presents

Hi Guys, 
I am so lucky!!

I am so grateful for everything that's been done for me for my birthday, beyond lucky for everything that has been brought for me. I can't believe I have had such an amazing day.

This is what I got for my birthday: 
From my mom, I got these three Me to You bears all with 21 on them. I love them all but I'd have to say that the snow globe is my favourite, I have never owned a snow globe and it is the prettiest thing ever. 

The Next Present is the most unique present I have ever received. My mom and my Stepdad got together to hand make this beautiful box, it has the date of my 21st on the top, so I will never forget the year it was. It has a wine glass inside that has been hand decorated with glitter. It also has a key with a real rose pearl on it straight from an oyster. It has got to be one of the most special gifts I have ever received. 


The last three include this keyring on the left filled with loads of different bits such as a birthday cake and the number 21 as well as other little things. The picture in the middle is a handmade boxed card that my mom also got me. It's half a glass covered in glitter and it is personalised which I love. But it has a lovely message on the back which makes it all the more special. And finally, my mom bought me a Pandora charm with the number 21 on it. 

 My Stepdad bought me a 100ml bottle of Hugo Boss The Scent, which I am beyond grateful for. I asked if I could have this perfume as it was the only one in boots that I liked. I was not expecting such a huge bottle but that is what I got and I am so happy with it.
My brother got me a white vanilla candle with 21 printed in gold on it and it smells like Vanilla buttercream icing it is amazing. He also got me a mug which just reminds me of his sense of humour because it says 'I'm so fabulous even the bags under my eyes are designer', and I just love it.

My sister got me a handmade card too, it is a champagne bottle with my name and the year I was born on it in gold foil lettering. It is the most beautiful card ever. She also got me a cute, little, dainty personalised bracelet. with my birthstone in it and a letter T engraved in a circle. It proves how well she knows me because I adore it.

My future sister in law got me a beautiful photo frame with a photo of me and my boyfriend in it. She chose a photo that we had taken on the day so I had a constant reminder of the day. She and her mom also baked me my birthday cake and 24 little cupcakes. They gave it to me at the meal and got everyone to sing happy birthday, personally, I thought I would hate for that to happen but to see my face when it did. It is priceless. 
My niece got me a gorgeous candle and candle holder in copper and I adore it. It is taking pride of place on my window sill. My future in-laws bought me this bracelet on the right, it is rose gold plated and has Swarovski crystals in the shape of a heart. I love it so much, they know me so well. They also hired me a Pink Cadillac Limo to ride in on the way to the meal I was having with my whole family. I got to drink champagne and ride in style it was awesome. 


My amazing Boyfriend shocked me with what he got me. I didn't think he knew me this well. He took me to breakfast first thing in the morning and bought me an Eggs Benedict with a glass of orange juice and I enjoyed it so much. For my presents, he bought me a Micheal Kors small side bag and matching purse that I just adore. He got me a Pandora charm for my bracelet with my birthstone in it. And he also bought me a pair of baby pink suede Vans, which I think are the most perfect trainers ever!! 
Food wise, he also bought me a box of these new Kinder Bueno Minis and trying to control myself not to finish the whole box is very hard. My mom bought me a giant bar of Galaxy which I am slowly nibbling at and she and my stepdad paid for the meal for me, I am so grateful for them. 
Throughout the whole day, I had to wear the badge you can see in the picture below and just before I went out I had to wear the sash.The banner below was used to decorate the house and table and I also had some balloons. I had a copper 2 and 1 and a small round balloon with a very retro 21 design on it. 

I am so grateful and lucky with everything that happened for my 21st, I don't think I could have imagined a better day if I tried. Thank you to everyone who made my day special and to everything that has been given to me.

Thank you x 


  1. Oh you are a blessed and lucky girl! Birthdays are always meant to be celebrated in my opinion :) My eyes went big with excitement looking at all your gifts you received! Especially the Micheal Kors small side bag and matching purse got my eyes seeing hearts and the trainers is something I would definitely wear!

    1. Thank you so much 😊 I do feel extremely lucky with everything ☺️


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