What do employers want?

I know this is not something that really goes with the theme of my blog but I need some answers if anyone has them.

I've been looking for jobs for the past month and applying for about 5 or 6 a day everyday, sometimes more, sometimes less; depending on what's available, who's hiring and what I know I am capable of doing. And I only have one interview. Some of the jobs have not got back to me at all,  sometimes they say to take that as a rejection. And others have emailed me to tell me I'm not suitable.

My only question is WHAT DO THEY WANT?

I know sometimes they want someone who has experience but how can we gain experience when people won't employ us in the first place..
I know I am probably no good because of my age and companies will have to pay out more because national minimum wage is more for me than for someone that is younger. But if that's the case then that is just wrong.

I just want to know some ways of making myself and maybe someone who is reading this going through the same thing, some way to make us more employable.

What do we need to do?
What can we do to get ourselves more interviews?
What can we do in interviews to make ourselves more employable?
Do we need to wear something specific to interviews?
Is it all down to experience?
Is it down to looks?

If anyone wants to write in the comments an answer, let's see if we can find out together..


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