Date Night

Don't you just love going out and spending time alone in a crowded room with the one you love :)

I do!!

Ant told me we were going on a Date Night and to spend the day getting myself ready because he is taking me out for the night. At first I never agree for many reasons like, I don't feel pretty enough to go out or I don't want to waste his money- It would be different when I finally have my own. But he always manages to persuade me by telling me how pretty I'm going to look and how he wants to treat me. That's one of the reasons I love and hate him, he can easily persuade me.

So I spent the day writing and working out (not that one workout in three months will make any difference, but it made me feel better). I did my nails and my hair, I used a face mask and just focused on myself again for the day. I spent the whole day wondering what I could wear because of the weather but I decided on jeans, a black v neck chiffon top and black heeled boots. I put on my favourite pink biker jacket over the top because it was freezing.

Ant wore some of the clothes he got for his birthday and he just looks more and more amazing every single day too me. He wore a Grey flannel shirt, black jeans and black trainers, he looked amazing.
We went to Frankie and Benny's in The Fort in Birmingham. The staff their are always so lovely and amazing. We didn't know they had a Halloween special on with free cocktails with every main dish until we got there. So our drinks for the night were Halloween themed and they had fingers in them.

The food was amazing as usual, we both went for something different than usual and we were not disappointed.  I got a Steak wrap with fries, it was amazing. The steak was cooked to perfection and it was wrapped perfectly it didn't open up and fall apart while I was eating it which happens sometimes with other wraps. We both loved it and I would definitely order it again. Ant got a 12 inch bacon wrapped hot dog, which was amazing on it's own but he ordered it with mac and cheese on top which made it even better. Every time we go to Frankie and Benny's he has to have something with mac and cheese. His favourite is the Mac and Cheese Calzone. I can agree that it is mouth-wateringly amazing.

For dessert we went to McDonalds because I have really wanted to try the Rolo McFlurry. It was incredible and I was happy I got that. Because Ant was driving he got a chocolate cookie, he just loves them when they go soft.

I thought our night was going to be over there but nope. He decided we should go and watch a film as well, so we drove home and went to the Odeon to watch Geo-storm. We got two large mixed Tango Ice Blast and a large pop corn (because it was 90p extra with the drinks). We really enjoyed the film and finally got home around 11 o'clock.

It really was a special night and it always is.

What is your favourite thing to do or favourite place to go on a date night?

Thank you x


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