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Hey guys,

Recently I have had some spare time to focus on my blog and to relax. So I have been watching Netflix and have fallen in love with some of the shows and films on there.

I'm going to put this one first because I know it's old but I still love it. 13 Reasons Why. Most of you have probably heard of it or watched yourself, but for those who haven't, it really is an amazing programme. It's about a girl who committed suicide, and before she did, she recorded 13 tapes to be given to different people explaining the reasons why.

Atypical. A lovely series about an 18-year-old boy who has Autism. It's about how his everyday life is different to others. It's about his love life, and how he handles the thoughts and feelings behind finding a girlfriend. It's an amazing show and gives such a lovely view into a world unknown to some.

Greenhouse Academy. An awesome programme about two children who go to a school their mother went to. Sadly, their mother died in an accident, and it comes together to show why. My boyfriend and I watched this together and it angered us everytime an episode came to an end because it always ended in a cliffhanger. But it always kept us wanting more.

To the Bone. This show is all about people struggling with eating disorders, it is quite eye-opening to see what some people actually go through. But the film isn't just focused on the disorders, it's also focused on love and life. And how no matter the struggles life throws at you, you can always overcome it if you want.

Reality High. This film was amazing. The teenage girl found her teenage love whilst being herself and then changed to fit in with the popular crowd. It's different, yet the same as other teenage high school films. But neither the less, still amazing.

Gerald's Game. Now, this film was scary, horrifying, horrible, disgusting, intriguing, and awesome. It scared me and my boyfriend sometimes and other times made us gag, but it was a really interesting film to watch. If you are into mind-boggling thrillers than this is the film for you.

Before I Fall. This film made me cry. It is such a crazy film about how this teenage girl keeps re-living the same time over and over until she figures out what she needs to do to, to make it stop.


  1. I have never watched any of them but what a coincidence yday I saw 13 reasons why as a title and now I am sure to watch. Thank you for the great insight.

    1. Your welcome, I would love to hear what you think of it :)


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