Types of Interviews

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Now I'm no expert and I know that. But who can be really? If you've been to a lot of interviews then you're not too good because you're not getting the job. On the other hand, if you haven't been to many you haven't really got any experience.

I have been to a few interviews and only three out of how many have resulted in a pass. One completely successful and I had a job over the span of two years. The other two not so successful for past history reasons and failure to receive an email. From my experience, there are two different types of interviews, one to one and group. I don't actually know which one is more nerve-wracking or if they are both just as scary as the other.

Group Interviews
With group interviews you are being tested on everything you say during the activities the company provide you with. There will be people around the room listening and paying attention to each person individually to see what you are saying that you could bring to their team. The activities will require you to speak up and say what you feel to add your knowledge to the task. They will also require you to think outside the box and get you to see yourself in certain situations. Groups activities can be fun as it does mean you can have others to bounce your ideas off. This does make them a little less stressful.

One to one interviews 
With one to one interviews they are scary, you are being judged on everything you say and how you act. They are checking your knowledge of the job and what it entails. They are checking your availability. They are paying attention to every answer you say to every question they ask. The questions can be anything like; what can you bring to the role? What is your experience for the role? What are your expectations? They sound easy to answer but when you feel like they are being judged then every wrong word feels wrong.

And then after the interview is the dreaded wait.  Normally you’ll hear something by the end of the following week. But that wait feels like you are waiting for at least a month. And then you either celebrate or feel down and just keep looking. You can’t stay unemployed forever hopefully, there will be a job out there for you?

All you can do is be yourself and give them your best.

Have you got any tips for people going through this right now?

Thank you


  1. I've only been to two interviews so I'm not really an expert too. The advice I could give is to be confident yet humble at the same time.

    Joy to the World


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