Boyfriend's Birthday

Hi guys,

On Wednesday the 18th of October my gorgeous boyfriend turned 24.

Unfortunately, he worked on his birthday so I couldn't treat him much as he wasn't available for most of the day, so we did celebrate it in the weekend.

But on his birthday he went to work early in the morning and I didn't see him until 2 in the afternoon. While he was away I spent the whole morning baking him a 4 layered Devils food cake, with Buttercream icing. I'll probably make another post all about how I made it and decorated it. When he came back from work, he sat and opened all his cards from his friends and family and he got three of these little cards that you put in a wallet with messages written on them and he loved them. He also pouted when he read what I wrote in the card and it was the sweetest thing to look at.

Then he opened his presents he loved everything he got. He got mainly clothes because that was what he needed the most. He got three shirts, two pairs of jeans and a pair of chinos. But from his 9-month-old niece, he got an ice scraper that comes inside of a plush penguin, ready for the cold weather. He loved it and gave her loads of kisses once he opened it. It made my heart melt.
I then brought in his cake with his candles all lit up and sang him a happy birthday and his smile filled his face. I love seeing the smile that he has when he is so happy he just can't contain it, and sometimes he can be that happy he giggles and I love it so much.

I asked him a few days before what he wanted for his dinner if he could have anything and he chose Hunter's chicken. So that's what he got. I wrapped some bacon around some chicken and then added Homepride hunters chicken sauce and cheese. I did deep fried potatoes with it and the meal was loved by everyone.

We were supposed to celebrate as well by going for a meal with his whole family. But the little busy bot just wont stop working. He's saving money ready to buy Christmas presents for everyone. He has worked every single day since the beginning of September excluding 3. So his birthday will be celebrated when he slows down maybe. But I will find a way to celebrate it and make it special.

I am so happy he enjoyed his birthday and it was a good day for him. Let's hope next year I can make it a lot better for him.

What is your favourite thing about birthdays?

Thank you x


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