Home Made Nutella Hot Chocolate

Hello Everyone,

Now that it is cold again my favourite Hot Chocolate has got to come out again. It is such a simple but delicious Hot chocolate that you can't help but love it.

There are two ways to make it and many of way to add extras to give it more flavour.
I heat up a cup of milk either in a saucepan or in a microwave add a spoon of sugar. To that, I add a teaspoon full of Nutella and wait for it to melt in the milk. Sometimes I drink it like that but if I want to thicken it a little I add a spoon or two of coco powder to make it taste more chocolatey.

Sometimes I add squirty cream on the top and cocoa powder to make it look pretty. Last year I paired it with a mini candy cane to make it minty. I'm sure you could add flavourings like caramel or mint or even hazelnut to make it more to your liking. Or if you couldn't use Nutella, milk chocolate spread would also make a beautiful hot chocolate.

What is your favourite hot chocolate?

Thank you x


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