Blogmas Day 10: 

Hey guys,

When the nights start getting dark a lot earlier in the day, it’s the perfect time to light candles. So, for the month of December when the dark seems to greet us at 5 in the afternoon. Candles seem to be the only way to light up the room subtly without having the main lights on and completely lighting up the room. I personally like to light 2 or 3 candles and switch on some fairy lights and that’s how I make my room all cosy and warm.

My favourite candle must be the ‘Home inspirations by Yankee Candle in Cherry Vanilla’, It smells amazing and fills the whole room with its lovely scent. It’s a very subtle scent but it is noticeable when you enter a room.

I also love the candles by Primark, the one that I have is Sea Salt and Lavender, they are only tealights, but they have a decent burning time and smell incredible. There are many other scents at Primark and when I bought mine they were only £1 for 24, so it’s a bargain. I also love the candles you can get from Ikea. I currently have a strawberry scented one and an apple scented one. They burn for 25 hours and smell amazing. The glass jar they come in is perfect to keep once the candle has finished to put tea lights in, or other little bits and bobs. Ikea have a great range of candles from big ones to tealights and they have incredible scents to.

When it comes to candles I can be strange because I don’t like candles with bold scents, they must be quite subtle but enough to make the room smell amazing. That’s why my favourite has to be Yankee Candle, although they are expensive their range has so many different scents and types of candles you just can’t go wrong. They even do the wax melts, if you have a burner and they make your whole house smell incredible. 

I’m always cautious with candles when I light them. I make sure that they are in the open and not close to anything flammable. I normally stick them in the middle of a table. I also make sure that if I leave the room and I know I’ll be gone longer than a few minutes to blow them out. Matches are cheap and I’d rather spend more money on buying loads of matches then risk any chance of a fire. I am also very careful when it comes to the matches, when lighting them I always strike away from myself and when I have finished with it I leave it in a glass lid to the Yankee candle to go completely cold before I throw it away or I run it under water to ensure it won’t light again. Safety is so important.

What’s your favourite candle? Do you have a favourite scent?

Thank you x 


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