Christmas Decorations (Outside)

Blogmas Day 17:

Hi everyone,

The decorations have been up since the 28th of November outside and they are shining bright and impressing everyone. The outside decorations took a while for the boys to put up and they had to install an outside plug socket for them to work. So it took a lot but it was worth it, the lights are beautiful. There are two different Santa lights, one with him climbing the wall on some ladders and another with him skiing down a slope, although the lights have broken on that one and he is stationary haha. We definitely need to buy some new ones ready for next year.

There is a Christmas tree on the wall that flashes between two different sizes of a tree and I think that is my favourite. There is also a flashing star right next to the door and it looks fabulous. There is also the string lights outlining the roof of the house and altogether they look amazing. I'm so happy with the way it turned out.

I'd love to see how your house is decorated, inside and out.
If you'd like to show me use the hashtag my lights (#mylights) and I'll have a look.

Thank you for reading x


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