Christmas Make-up Look

Blogmas Day 23:

Hello everyone,

I am going to write this for those people who do something on Christmas day other than sitting in their pyjamas and eating food and drinking everything and watching movies all day. Because if that is how you want to spend your day then go for it and enjoy it.
But if like me you must travel and leave the house and you want to look decent then this is a look for you. It’s not over the top, or out there because it’s only for travelling but it is a look that has festive colours and looks simple and pretty.

I have used my trusty Clinique foundation to make sure I look awake all day and Rimmel London concealer. On my eyes, I have used my Make Up Obsession Palette and the Colours Rare and Lucky Charm to create this look. And the rest is just the norm. A little bit of Hoola Bronzer to shape my face and some highlight to add some shimmer. Mascara to tie everything together and that's it. 

What do you think? How are you going to do your makeup?

Thank you for reading x 


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