D.I.Y Christmas Cards

Blogmas Day 8:

Hello everyone,

When I was younger I used to make cards for special occasions all the time. I used to love decorating the front of the cards in loads of different thing like glitter and sequins and using all sorts of materials like paper and card and tissue paper. Anything pretty I could find I would stick it on the front of the card.

So, this year for Christmas I thought why not make everyone I love a homemade card this year.  I’ve been to The Works and bought already made cards with envelopes, so I don’t have to worry about using a plain card and not having an envelope that doesn’t fit. And I have bought glitter and things to stick to the cards like penguins and robins. I have made a few cards but I'm excited to make for to give ready before Christmas day. 

Which one is your favourite?

Thank you for reading x


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