Favourite Christmas movies

Blogmas Day 15:

Hey guys,
During this time of year, you can’t beat settling down at the end of the day to watch a movie with your friends and family. And we all have our own favourite film. Some might be loved because of traditions, something a family always sits down to watch. My favourite is because it’s a twist on a classic tale.  I’m going to list all my family’s favourite Christmas movies and their reasons as to why they love them.

Mine is a Muppet’s Christmas Carol, I love this film because it’s such a great twist on the classic Christmas Carol. When the ghost of Christmas, past, present, and future, help the Scrooge to see wrong and to love Christmas again. But it has the muppets in it. I don’t know why it’s my favourite but it just is.

My mom’s favourite is Miracle on 34th Street because it gives her that proper Christmas feeling. As well as Mary Poppins and Sound of Music, because those are great family films that are played at Christmas as well.

My Step dad’s favourite is Miricle on 34th Street for the simple reasons that he just likes it :) 

My sisters favourite is  The Grinch because it reminds her of the last day of primary school. She played Cindy-Lou in the school play that our primary school did that year and it was an awesome performance. I can still remember her sleeping on the stage and the Grinch coming up the stairs to the stage to steal the presents. And her waking up to find him there. I think I was in year 3 or 4 when she did that, so she made it very memorable for me.

I was going to have my brother's but he just doesn't really have one apparently so, he isn't on here. 

My boyfriend’s favourite is Deck the Halls because he finds it interesting because of all the lights. He used to be an electrician so seeing all the lights on the house excites him. He also thinks it’s fun and just great to watch.

My future sister in law’s favourite is The Grinch because she thinks he is cute and would love to look after him. And she thinks what Cindy-Lou thinks is right. No one should be alone for Christmas. 

My future mother in law’s favourite is Santa Claus The Movie because she thinks it is the most magical movie to watch at christmas time. 

I can’t believe the difference and similarities between them all, looks like The Grinch is most loved, even though it's not their everyone had said they love the Grinch. 

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Thank you x


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