Favourite Christmas Treats

Blogmas Day 3:

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to be talking about my favourite Christmas treats. Today you can pretty much buy the majority of Christmas sweets throughout the whole year but I like to keep some of them especially for Christmas. My most favourite treat is Lebkuchen, it’s a German biscuit that’s kind of like gingerbread. At Asda, they have a selection box of the biscuits with different toppings on. Some are glazed, some have milk chocolate on them and dark chocolate. There is quite a selection. They really are amazing.

I love having anything minty at Christmas time. And all the good stuff seems to appear around this time of year. I love After Eights, and Benedict’s. I love Matchmakers and this year they have bought out a limited edition salted caramel flavour which has made me extremely happy.  I really like Cadbury’s snowy selection, so the snowballs and the snow bites. The snowballs are amazing and have to be one of my favourites because you can bite the top off and eat the middle with a spoon, it is so fun to do. The snowballs are covered with a white dust and it tastes amazing.

You also can’t beat a mince pie this time of the year. I’ve been eating them since October šŸ˜Š I either warm them up and eat them with custard or ice cream or squirty cream. Or I just eat them cold. I also enjoy a good apple pie sometimes as well. My favourite tub of sweets has to be Quality streets, I love every single one in there, I could eat the whole tub to myself. My second favourite has to be Celebrations, because well who doesn’t love the Galaxy or Maltesers in there.

My favourite drinks have to be Hot chocolate and Shloer. I love Hot chocolate because it just makes you feel warm and toasty, with whipped cream and marshmallows. I think the new chocolatier hot chocolate from Costa is amazing it is like a cup of heaven. I love the Cadbury’s Freddo hot chocolate, but only when my boyfriend makes it because he seems to just make it perfectly every time. My other favourite drink is one of my favourites because my mom used to give it to me and my sister when we were younger and pretended it was wine so we thought we were very adult-like on Christmas day. 
Now I know the truth but I still have to have it with my dinner šŸ˜Š

What is your favourite festive snack?

Thank you x 


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