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Blogmas Day 1:

Hi Guys,

Now if you're like me and like to be prepared then I think you are going to love this post. I am going to create a small list of items that I feel are the perfect gifts to get people for Christmas from the High street. Now High street to me means Boots, Superdrug, Primark, Asda, and all places like that.

Boots have a great range of gift sets for women of all ages from teenagers to elders. And honestly, I would like to own practically everything they have to offer this year. They also have some good food gift sets as well for those who love to cook. Here is a list of my favourite things this year.

For Women:
Dove gift set For those who love to feel pampered. 
No7 Flawless in five brush set For those who love to do Make up. 
Face Inc by Nails Inc Fairy Tale of Sheet Masks For those who really care for their skin.

For men:
Jack Wills Back Pack gift set because what man doesn’t get a shower gift set at Christmas.
Red5 Micro Quad V2 because everyone is a child at heart.
Gentleman’s Hardware Multi Tool Pen to help anyone feel handy.

For cooks:
 All three of these look amazing and something that will be enjoyed and used again and again.

I also believe that Asda has an amazing gifting range when it comes to this time of year. They offer great bath sets or beauty sets. They offer amazing sets for those who love to cook as well. They also have an amazing home range of Christmas related things that I just love. I am not afraid to gift someone a bed set and pillow if I think they will truly love it. When it comes to gifts sometimes I do like to give sweets and food, because of all the selection that is available, sometimes people either won't buy them for themselves or sometimes there is too much to choose from so you give them no option.

For Women:
For the woman who likes to go to bed looking and feeling fabulous.  

For men:
David Beckham Intimate Gift set For the man who likes to smell fresh all the time. 
Christmas Socks because it is funny and practical. 
Faux Leather Strap Watch For a man who loves to accessorize

For cooks:
There’s not much when it comes to gift sets for cooks in the Christmas gifting range as Asda but I don’t think there really needs to be. I mean it is Asda and George probably has anything a cook or baker might need. You can buy pretty much anything you could need for a kitchen.  There’s also no stopping you when it comes to Asda to not make your own spice rack for someone and filling it yourself.
La Tasca Trio Dish Set The only decent set for cooks available in Asda but still very useful. 

If I am buying gifts from Primark it usually is PJ's, because a new pair of PJ's to sleep in on Christmas night makes me feel happy and content. But there are loads of other things you can get from Primark as gifts if you know the person well and know their sizes, then shoes and clothes are always a winner for me Christmas morning. Even a new pair of slippers makes me happy, these slippers were an early present. But if you don't know their sizes then I'm pretty sure some people would be overjoyed with a gift card.

What is your favourite gift to get on Christmas morning?

Thank you for reading x


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