Pencil vs Powder

This is a war between Pencil and Powder. Which is better when it comes to eyebrows? 

For many of years I have been using powder to fill and shape my eyebrows after one bad experience with a pencil. It was way too dark and went on in thick streaks and it just wasn't what I wanted. Until boxing day, after I sorted all my presents out I saw that I got an eyebrow pencil in my Ted Baker makeup set from my mom. The shade of it is so close to the colour of my hair that I took the risk and dived in. And it did not disappoint, it helped to shape my brows perfectly and helped them to look almost natural. It looks so good that I haven't reached for the powder since. 

I used to love using the brow powder my Make Up Obsession at Boots but the colour always seemed too dark to me and I couldn't find a lighter one other than the one that I have got. It made my brows stick out without looking natural. I used to use the Real Techniques brow brush and it helped my brows look natural. I definitely enjoy using the pencil more. 

What do you like to use?
Let me know in the comments below...
Thank you for reading x 


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