How I Wrap Presents

Blogmas Day 5:

Hey guys,

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is buying and wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents in colour neutral paper and adding ribbon and bows and bells. I like adding things that make it difficult to get into, for me the fun of opening presents is the anticipation of not knowing what’s inside and making the wait longer before you find out.

Here are some of the ways that I have wrapped my presents this year. 

I have wrapped the presents for Ant's family in red with gold ribbons and bows and my family will be on gold paper with red ribbons and bows. This is so I can tell the difference between the two lots of presents.  I'm also thinking about sticking a couple of presents in gift bags as they are too big to wrap and then leave them alone because when you move them the paper starts to rip.

My presents aren't fancy really but I think they are just cute enough to look great under a tree.

Thank you for reading x


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