No7 Gift Set

I treated myself. With the sales after Christmas, I treated myself to the No7 Gift set that had over £100 worth of products in it for £39. 
To me, £39 was still a lot I had to really think about whether it was worth it or not. But it is, really, I was just hesitant.  It did not disappoint. It is amazing. The quality of the products is that amazing that a little bit goes a long way.  My favourite product has got to be the Lip care cream, a tiny dot on my finger moisturises my lips for the whole day and keeps them soft. The eye cream is so soft and nourishing and takes away any puffiness that I have.  
The day and night cream is so luxurious it is amazing.  After using them my skin feels so soft and looks even. It makes me look like I have had 100 hours of sleep.
The skin illuminator is a liquid highlight. It can be used mixed in with your foundation as an added glow. It can be used as a base to give an extra glow to your skin. Or like I said it works as a great highlight.
The makeup remover is awesome. It's two different dense liquids that only work when they have been mixed together. It works like a dream, it removes every last bit of makeup and leaves my skin feeling oily, once it has been washed off though I feel heavenly.
The hot cloth cleanser is the same as the rest, cleans my face so lovely I feel like I have a new layer of skin.
The hydration mask smells amazing, it is such a beautiful scent. It feels so soft and silky when you put it on and feels so delicate when it is on. It says on the bottle you can leave it on for 3 minutes for a quick boost, or 10 minutes for better results. I left mine on for ten and it left my skin feeling silky smooth and looking glowy. It truly is perfect.

Overall, even though I thought it was a lot to spend. It really was worth it in the end. And I'm sure that when I can I will save up and try and repurchase some of the products again.

Have you tried any of these products?
Let me know in the comments below...

Thank you x 


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