Twenty Seventeen

Happy 2017 to you!!!

(We are only 11 days in but it feels like a month has already past)

For the start of a year you always hear people say, 'New Year New Me', and in some aspects, if they stick to it, it can be a good thing. But why does a new year have to result in you changing yourself? If you wanted to do that what was stopping you doing it on December 8th, or another random time in the year? I think a new year can welcome so many new things into this world, for me I welcomed my little Step-niece. She is the most adorable tiny human being ever and I love her so much. 
So back to the point, I was making, I’ve done it. Even though I have just made a mockery out of it, I have done it. I’m going to make this year a good year for me. I want to start thinking of myself more. I want to get fit, as I have zero fitness, which is terrible for a dancer and I want to eat more healthily. Even though I am the biggest lover of all things chocolate. I have a diary, and in it holds my meal plan (although not exactly the best I’m trying) and my workout of the day. It is helping me so far but has only been 10 days so we will see how it goes?

I feel like if I do this once a week and keep up with it, writing about it and keeping a diary, I feel it will help me out massively as then I feel like I am sharing my achievements with someone. Even if it is only with myself.

I hope the new year brings you all something new to look forward too. Because there's nothing better in the world, to keep you going other than excitement. 

Let me know what some of your new year’s resolutions are, maybe sharing them with me will help you to stick to it. 


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