University Life- Semester 1

This post might sound a little scary, but this is my experience and how I feel about university life. For some people, it’s a lot different, they find it easy and are loving it. And for others, they could find it a lot harder and decide they just can’t do it no matter how hard they try. Some could feel just like me. University isn’t a terrible place, you can make lifelong partners in crime and get a degree at the end, how crazy is that J  but in all honesty this post isn’t to scare anyone, I just felt there should be something out there about how someone feels that isn’t finding it all rainbows and sunshine. Because if you look that is really all that’s out there.


I’m not the best person to be sharing my experience because it has been crazy. But I don’t think anyone has gone through university without thinking, “I just can’t do this”. I have thought it many of times, I still think it, but at the same time, I think I can. It’s a crazy cycle of back and fourth and two parts of myself arguing with each other.  
The workload is a lot, but it is manageable if you put the time in towards doing it. I’ve struggled all my life putting pen to paper and remembering all the things I have been taught. I thought I just wasn’t smart enough. But it’s not and I have found that out. This life is all about finding yourself, even if you thought you already knew who you were.  If you live in halls, the people who you live with, become a little family (in some cases, mine not too much), but you spend some time them and you do form a friendship.  It’s weird. The main difference about living away is just that, you’re away from home. Away from your old friends, family and if you're lucky or unlucky enough to have a partner, then you're away from them too. And the hardest part is getting used to it. Some people respond to it differently,  one of the girls I know loves being away from home, she loves having the freedom. One girl hates it so much she’s having to move back and commute. Some other girls just couldn’t handle it at all and have had to completely drop out altogether.  
To me, it is like having a bag on your shoulders. Before you go to uni, the bag is just filled with excitement.  In the first two weeks, everyone will most likely get freshers flu. It’s what happens when you are surrounded by new people, not eating properly because you don’t have to and a pot noodle is easier to cook than vegetables or chicken. And most of the time you will be hungover from freshers (if you go out that is). But that’s when the bag starts feeling a little heavy. And all you want is to go home to your own bed, have someone look after you and keep making sure you’re alive. But now, you have to get out of bed every morning, get dressed and be out the door by 8:45 am, ready for your 9 am lecture. You don’t want to eat because you feel sick and the lack of food is making you feel even worse as you have no energy. You try to pay attention in the class but you’re just waiting for it to finish so you can crawl back in bed under the duvet to watch your favourite films and try to keep yourself together. Well, that’s what I have witnessed anyway.  
Then, it’s not too bad, you have made friends, you go out, you have study dates, maybe (if you're single) you find someone to spend your time with that you really like. And you enjoy your time there.  And then the Christmas break is coming and you can go home, and see your families and partners and friends. And you can celebrate and eat food and enjoy Christmas, as it is the most wonderful time of the year.  That’s when the bag on your back gets lighter again.
But as soon as the new year hits, you realise you have major deadlines coming up, and you have assessment week and exam week soon. You haven't studied at all and you have no idea what a certain person did to make something better, but you know you probably should.  So you study hard and that’s when the bag comes back and it feels so heavy, it is full to the brim and things are even spilling over the top. But you can do it and when you get one essay done and hand in the bag gets lighter, and then you do a presentation, and the bag gets lighter again. And then you do your exam, and the bag feels practically empty again. And you realise you didn’t really need to worry that much, because you got it, you know what you’re doing and you think you have smashed it.

That’s the point I am at now, I’ve completed semester one and have a small break before the joys of semester two starts. Some days I will sit in silence and think, I shouldn’t have done this, I just can’t do it, I’m not smart enough, what can I get out of it at the end? Is it really worth it? And then other days, I will think this is the greatest time of my life, I’m going to be amazing and I’ll work my hardest and I will get to where I want to be, I don’t need to worry because I am so passionate no one will stop me. And really, that's what we all need to think about. 

We can do this!


If you’re at university, or thinking of going. Make sure it’s something you really want to do because life helps you out if you’re passionate and strong willed.

What do you want to do/ or are doing in life? Are you in uni? Do you want to go to uni? are you doing something else? 

What is making you happy right now? 


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