Bonfire Night

Hi everyone,

As I have probably said before Bonfire Night has got to be one of my favourites. A few years ago it used to be celebrated with my family. My cousins used to do all the fireworks stuff while everyone else sat and watched, they were mental when it came to fireworks and fires. They always knew how to keep the fire going and the perfect angle to point the fireworks at so you could see them clearly. They were amazing.
Last year was my first Bonfire Night with Ant and his family. It is not as mental here as it is with my family, which makes me feel safer but just as awesome. The fireworks we got were incredible and are always so pretty and loud. This year I am with Ant and his family again, but it is a 1st bonfire night for our little niece. We are going to be buying some ground fireworks for her like the frogs, and fountains and Catherine Wheels, so she can experience it herself and see how awesome it is. She will be having hot dogs and roasted marshmallows, and I just can't wait to see her face.

On the 4th there were fireworks being set off everywhere! We drove to Conkers to see theirs but couldn’t get in so we watched them from a nearby bridge. They were amazing, some of the best fireworks I have ever seen in my life. They were bright and colourful and constant. In the middle they set off a set of fireworks that lit up the sky, they were so bright it was like a camera flash. It was amazing, everyone who was watching did a simultaneous ‘woah’! The finale was spectacular, the fireworks just didn’t stop and they had a few that flew way above what they had been for the entire show. I highly recommend going to see those. I honestly think they would be better to watch them from inside the park.
I also went to watch the Tamworth Castle Grounds fireworks show. We missed half of it as we were travelling back from Conkers when they started but honestly, they were amazing too. They were so loud and you could get so close. One of the cardboard tubes from an exploded firework hit a car as we got close. You were so close that you could feel the explosions in your chest when they banged. I would recommend them too.
From my bedroom window, I have quite a view of houses with nothing to block the view. So if any fireworks go off I can see them clearly. So as everyone has been setting them off tonight, I have been stalking them. Isn’t it funny how if a firework goes off quite a distance away you see it first then hear it at least 3 seconds later?

What do you love/hate about Bonfire Night?

Thank you for reading x


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