Christmas Decorations (Mom)

Blogmas Day 13:

Here is the second house of decorations I got to enjoy and help to hang up. My mom is a lover of lights so everything at Christmas is lit up. We always joke that you could land a plane with how bright her garden is at night.

The tree holds a bauble for my grandad. In his memory, we hang this bauble to represent him and the love he had for Christmas as well. The tree is always decorated in white and blue and claret. The white and blue because he was a massive West Bromwich Albion fan and Claret to also go with the blue because my mom always used to go against him as she is an Aston Villa fan. I love the fact that he is always represented every Christmas.

Here's how my mom's house got decorated...

I love how simple and easy the house is decorated but how beautiful it looks. 

What part is your favourite?

Thank you  x


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