Christmas Wishlist

Blogmas Day 6:

Hey guys,

I know there are a million and one things I could ask for, for Christmas my list could possibly be endless. But there are a few things I would really like that can be bought and some that can’t be. So here it is my wish list.

Things I can’t buy:
  •        To drive to my mom’s house Christmas morning
  •        Everyone likes the presents that have been bought for them
  •        Everyone has a good day
  •        Everyone stays safe and feels loved
  •        Full time job

Things I’d like:
  •  A curling iron
  •  Pyjamas
  •  Slippers
  • Candles
  •  Clothes
  • Perfume
  • Trainers
  •  Foundation
  •  Make Up/Brushes
  • Christmas Pandora charm
  •  Mirror with lights
  •  Light box

Things I’d like but I know I’ll save for and get myself:
  •       DSLR Camera and memory card
  •       Mac Book Pro
  •       Ring Light
  •       Soft box 
  •       Car

I know some of the things are ridiculous and some are reasonable, but that is my Wishlist. It’s things I just want, things I need in life or just things that I dream about.

What is the one thing you really want for Christmas?

Thank you x 


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