What Christmas means to me

Blogmas Day 4:

Hey guys,

What does Christmas mean to you?
To me, it means everything, every little detail that happens in the day is what makes the day special. It’s seeing everyone’s faces when they open the gifts you have brought them. It’s seeing the look on everyone’s faces when you open what you have been bought. The look of anticipation and hope and joy. It’s amazing. Every Christmas morning, we take it in turns to open presents at my house. So, you have to wait your turn. At first, I hated that but now I have grown up a little, I can understand why we do it like that. It allows us to appreciate what we have. The tidying up has never been nor ever will be my favourite part.

To me it’s also about my family, getting to spend the day with them and getting to see their smiles and hear their laughs. That means so much to me, I love to know that they are happy and having a good day. This year it will be my nieces first Christmas so to see her face when she opens all her presents will be joyful. But no doubt she will then end up playing with the boxes more than the toys.
To me it’s about the Christmas dinner, getting to sit around a table and talking with everyone while you eat. It’s about the crackers you pull with everyone and wearing the silly hats and laughing at the terrible jokes. Sharing and exchanging the little toys and puzzles and items that come in there even though you never really use them.

It’s also about the evening and just sitting down to watch a Christmas movie, nibbling on cheese and crackers, drinking tea or hot chocolate. And just relaxing with everyone and getting yourself tired enough to sleep, once you’ve got over the excitement.

Christmas to me is about making others happy. Giving them something that they wouldn’t choose for themselves and they actually love it. It means stuffing your face and not caring about your diet, or if your jeans will fit by the end of the day because you can always put pajamas on in the middle of the day it’s fine. It’s about taking photos and being able to capture the memories and share and laugh at them in years to come.

What’s your favourite part of Christmas day?

Thank you x 


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