How I changed my diet.

For the new year, I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle and the way I eat. Not because it's the New year but because I have noticed my health deteriorate over the past year because I ate and did what I wanted as a comfort blanket to all the stress I have had. But now most of my worries have gone and I'm on the straight and narrow with most parts of my life. And all the chocolate from Christmas is gone, I'm cleansing my body.

I have started drinking 2 litres plus of water a day and the amount that has helped me is amazing. I couldn't remember how helpful water was to the system. It took a few days but my body enjoyed the cleanse and it's still enjoying the amount of water it's getting.
I have also cut down on the amount of junk food that I eat and replaced my snack with things like dried fruit and rice cakes. My junk food is now cereal bars so not totally bad but not 100% good either.
My lunch every day is either a Caesar salad and chicken or a noodle pot with 70 calories in it and surprisingly it does fill me up. I have two snacks a day of a cereal bar, popcorn or dried apricots and I love nibbling on them when I am peckish. With my dinner every night, I am also having steamed broccoli, carrots and cauliflower to help get as many extra in as I can. When I do feel a little peckish I drink a good amount of water and I find that it satisfies the desire for something to eat. I think my body doesn't understand the difference between thirsty and hungry.

I have felt a change. It's been a little over three weeks and I have felt myself having a lot more energy than I used to. My skin has also been a lot clearer now that I am drinking more water. My overall health just feels a lot more uplifted with the slight changes and I'm loving the fact I have more energy.

Have you changed anything for the New Year?
Let me know...

Thank you x


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